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Whether you’re a weapon or accessory manufacturer, AG Composites’ products can help you introduce the next big thing. The 100 percent carbon fiber products by AG Composites will enhance your product’s appearance, performance, and overall quality. AG Composites can design, develop, and manufacture products that will bring customers to your door.

The AG Composites’ leadership team has a proven track record of performance. Not only are the AG Composites LLC owners brothers, both served our country, one as a Marine and the other as an Army Ranger. Their education and business credentials include degrees from the U.S. Naval Academy and Ivy League universities as well as experience starting, growing, and selling successful business ventures. AG Composites understands what it takes to win in business and we can help your company create high-performance composite products that will help you win and retain market share.

If you are a consumer looking for a great product or you are a business looking for a company to produce a quality carbon fiber product for you, AG Composites invites you to contact them.

AG Composites … a company where quality, innovation, and performance characterize everything we do.

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