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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rifle stocks does AG Composites manufacture?

We manufacture after market stocks for the Remington 700 and Tikka T3 which are available through Stocky’s Stocks.  We also supply OEM stocks for Barrett Firearms, Kimber, BULA Defense Systems, Duplessis Firearms and Bergara Rifles.

How do I place an order?

If you would like to purchase 25 or more stocks annually contact us at 256-723-8381 or email to discuss pricing.  If you want to purchase less than 25 you can place your order through

Can I bed/drill/sand/clean a carbon fiber composite rifle stock?

Yes.  AG Composite LLC carbon fiber composite rifle stocks can be bedded, sanded, and drilled using common woodworking techniques.  If you have a gunsmith nearby call or visit them as they may have experience in stock modifications.

Warning:  Always take proper precautions when working with carbon fiber.

  • Wear a dust mask and properly dispose of material removed from the stock any time you are sanding or drilling the stock.

  • Wet sand the stock whenever possible to minimize airborne dust.

  • Only use soap and water to clean your stock.
  • Any modifications done by the user voids the warranty protection.

Do you test fit each stock before it is shipped?

Yes, we test fit each stock.  All receivers, barrels and bottom metals are not created equally so if you receive your stock and it doesn’t fit, contact us.  99% of the time a little bit of sanding will take care of it.

How much do your products weigh?

Visit the page of each of our products to see the average weights.

Is AG Composites LLC an Federal Firearm License (FFL) dealer?

No.  We use a local FFL to transfer firearms as necessary.

What is the AG Composites’ Warranty?

AG Composites LLC has a 100% Lifetime Warranty for their carbon fiber rifle stocks and heat shields.  If for any reason, after normal usage, our product experiences structural breakage, splitting, and or cracking, AG Composites will repair the product, replace the product or refund the customer at our option.  This ONLY applies to our carbon fiber stocks not any other items made from other companies or manufacturers.  The warranty is voided if the end user makes their own modifications to the stock.

What is considered a short and long action for the Remington 700?

Typical short action calibers are the.223, .243, 6mm, .257, and .308 or similar length

Typical long action calibers are the .25-06, .270, .280, .30-06, 7mm Mag, .300 Mag, and.338 Mag.

What size barrels do you have for your CAT 700 stock?

Mountain Light, Standard Sporter, Varmint, and M24 / Sendero.

More FAQ coming soon……