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I fired the SOCOM with the CBR stock today and have to say that it is probably the final change I’ll make to my SOCOM, the CBR makes it feel so much more like the versatile rifle I was looking for. It’s short, light, easy to handle, comfortable to carry, and still a .308 battle rifle.

Rick M. UT

The CBR stock…..Its great!  You guys did a stellar job.

Ivan L. (AZ)

Matt and AG composites have been awesome in handling my order!
Ivan L.  (AZ)

Well this stock won me over. Too many good things to say about it on so yeah, I am the expectant proud owner of a traditional stock. Worked with Matt at AG Composites. Awesome guy to work with, super responsive and I can’t wait to get back from the sandbox to drop this in my M1A Scout!

Geoff B. (Montana)
IMG 2978

Stopped at the AG Composites booth this week at SHOT. I could not hand over the cash fast enough and will have my new stock and handguard in a couple of weeks. Great guys making a great product.

Scott C. (California)

Just took delivery of my CBR!!  First impressions are awesome to say the least. So super light weight, the postman thought it was an empty box, no kiddin

John M. (Tennessee)

The stock is sturdy and does not flex anywhere, solid as a rock.

Rick M. (Utah)

He took a lot of time working with me getting the sling swivels and cut outs just right. Very patient and understanding gentleman! Ever makes it up to Maryland, I’m buying him some drinks!

Thanks Dave!! 

Patrick M. (Maryland)

I’m very pleased that this stock shipped a week earlier than I expected. Your stock rocks!

My standard is now shooting 1.333 inches at 100 yards (PMC 1F Brass, 150 gr Hor FMJBT, 44.2 gr AA 2495), thanks in part to your stock. I’m pumped!

Mark. R (Arizona)