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When purchasing our 100% carbon fiber products you have passed from the “Ford” and “Cadillac” level and into the “Ferrari” level.

You may ask “Why carbon fiber”?

Well, there is a reason why engineers in NASA, the fighter jet and race car industry use carbon fiber, they trust lives with it. This is why carbon fiber is the material of choice for industries where compromise is not an option.

Carbon fiber is roughly 10 times the tensile strength and more than three times the stiffness of steel. The superior strength to weight ratio far exceeds that of any metal. It’s resistance to heat and stretching during high-speed maneuvers ensures the survival of astronauts and race-car drivers alike. 30% of all carbon fiber is used in the aerospace industry and the military is a major user of carbon fiber too. From planes to missiles to protective helmets and different weapon systems, the strength and weight reduction helps many different industries.

When you use carbon fiber components on weapon systems you enhance its capabilities, bottom-line. Don’t settle for anything else. The components produced by AG Composites will endure through the toughest of conditions. Lighter weight, heat resistant, and durable makes it the ideal option.

Go to the next level and buy your products today!

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