Customer Reviews

Dan Vastyan ~ Transient Outdoorsman

“ I've owned stocks made by all the big names in the business. Some I still own, and some I've sold. I'd trade each and every one of them for an AG Composites stock. The quality, price, fit and finish, and immediate availability is unmatched, anywhere. The gunsmiths I've used have all been impressed. ”

Review Source:AG Composites

Bobby Hart ~ Oregon

“ Your company is & has been great to deal with at RW Hart. We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology & It is great to work with a company who gets us there. You guys at AG have provided us with just the right products and deliver what you say. We are happy to promote your company as an industry leader. Keep up the good work! Thank you! ”

Review Source:AG Composites

Rick M. ~ Texas

“ The stock is sturdy and does not flex anywhere, solid as a rock. ”

Review Source:AG Composites

Mark R. ~ Alaska

“ I'm very pleased that this stock shipped a week earlier than I expected. Your stock rocks! ”

Review Source:AG Composites


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